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Highest Value

Trade in or Redesign
You will get the highest value for your gold when you trade it in for another piece of jewelry that may be more fashion forward or that you would enjoy wearing again. By trading in, you get a fresh new look and the benefit of the highest value. For more information, check out our Custom Designs

Best Value

When we evaluate your jewelry, we can sometimes determine that you will get more if you leave it on consignment. If you are not in a rush to receive the cash value of your items, then this will usually result in a higher offer.

Good Value


Sometimes you need the cash right away or you just don’t want to mess with it. We will make you a cash offer for your jewelry based on the day’s precious metal market.

Sell with confidence

Take advantage of the high prices today and transform your gold jewelry, gold & silver coins, silver bars, sterling silver flatware, platinum, etc., into fast cash. You're invited to join the large group of satisfied customers by sending us your package today.

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