Bring your stuff. Make quick cash.

Need some quick cash?

Benefits to a pawn loan

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Want to get started? Here’s how it works

1. Bring your precious metals & Get an offer

Any condition is acceptable

We’ll offer you a loan based on the gold value of the item for 126 days. (gold value not the original price paid for the item). The loan will include a 2% interest rate

2. Get cash in minutes

We then weigh the metal to determine the value.

3. Keep your Pawn Ticket

Not only is it the receipt for your item, but it also summarizes the terms of your loan, including fees, item descriptions, and more. Here’s an idea: Snap a pic with your phone, so you know you have it.

Pawn With confidence

We give you more money for your gold, at Henry's you can find a quick and affordable loan with no judgments; visit us and learn about our low rates.

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