Give me your old and broken and I will make NEW!

We love our amazing repeat customers!  And we love making them smile!  We were commissioned to make a new pendant using the grandmothers old heart and other items.  Here is a quick breakdown on how it went down. 

Here is the shot of the old gold in the before we melt it.

Here's a video of us melting the items down and making it into an gold ingot.

We then rolled out the ingot to size and thickness as previously planned.

Here is a quick video of that process

In the meantime, our in house graphic designer was working on the design we came up with.  


After design the we put our laser to work and cut out the pieces 

Our in-house bench jeweler takes his final measurement and welds everything into place perfectly.  We then have a smiling customer with great jewelry with a very special meaning.