February Engagement 2023

This project started with a quick phone call asking us if we can help.  He thought about buying something from "a big jewelry store online"  However he could not get the "exact" look he wanted.   We sent some photos back and forth and then custom made him exactly what he was dreaming about.

Here are some of the the back and forth's  photos that were sent.

"I like style, but with an oval diamond"



"I really like this Halo look"



"I really like the twist design with diamonds.



I don't like the shoulders on this one



This looks real good.


 After gathering enough information, a drawing was made 



During all of this we picked out an amazing diamond,1.5 carats, Colorless, VS2  Oval stone.

We then told him to sit back and relax while this project comes together.

And here is his reaction!




Here are some pictures that give us a better look of this gorgeous ring.



 She said YES!